“the world?…was never so small!”

  • We organize freight transport anywhere in the world (Europe, Asia, America, Africa) through our renowned partners, including door to door services.
  • We handle the entire customs clearance process according to the customer’s option, offering assistance and follow-up throughout the transport -> 24/7/365;
  • Our specialists are ready to answer to your request in less than 30 minutes.
  • We are proud to lead the prestige of our clients to other continents; as for the feedback we receive continuously, it brings us that satisfaction of a well-done work.

Air freight “economy class”

  • Long distance flight without a limit / critical time budget
  • Assisted customs process 100%
  • Follow up 24/7/365

Air freight cargo “express”

  • Immediate assistance by involving the whole team to find a personalized, optimized solution in real time.
  • Develop an emergency plan where the time component reaches a critical level.
  • Schedule 24/7 loading / offloading operations.
  • Speeding up all customs procedures as well as the loading / unloading with priority on the first flight possible since the order was taken over.
  • The best delivery time for critical shipments.

Special cargo air freight

  • Organizing charter air freight :
    • Solving customer requests 24/7
    • Creating individual emergency plans for the automotive industry, aerospace, emergency spare parts, dangerous goods, emergency equipment, etc.
    • The fastest type of air freight dedicated to our customers
    • It can be organized almost anywhere in Romania
  • We offer hand carry / on board currier air freight transports
    • A dedicated person who accompanies the merchandise for the entire duration of the transport
    • Follow up and order status throughout the transport.