Road TRANSPORT services are provided using our own fleet. The fleet owned by MVT LOGISTICK GROUP includes a total of 120 vehicles.

          3.5 Ton trucks (low capacity)

The fleet includes a number of 8 trucks of 3.5 To, which we can send to our customers 24/7/365, thus facilitating loading / unloading in those areas affected by vehicle weight restrictions, tight streets, etc. as well as delivering goods as soon as possible.

          7.5 Ton trucks (medium capacity)

We own a number of 9 trucks of this type; they are designed to load medium and heavy goods, and can be a viable solution for the customer when loading / delivering goods in areas encumbered by weight restrictions, tight streets, etc.

          24 Ton trucks (high capacity)

MVT LOGISTIK offers its clients a number of 103 trucks.


  • All trucks are mega trucks
  • Mega multilocktrailers (the anchoring of the goods can be done by fitting the straps 5 cm apart) with a useful height of 3 m and a width of 2.47 m.
  • Possibility to organize transports using 2 drivers (“just in time” deliveries).
  • Possibility of organizing an ADR transport as well as loading tires etc.

All the vehicles from our own fleet are less than 3 years old and the total insured amount is about 2,000,000 EURO.